Explanaon, History and Evoluon of Aesthecs


n 18th century it earned the obligaon of ficonal and arsc move ment under the slogan art for art’s sake and blew-out the enre world. In modern mes Aesthecs is not only supposed to be simply study of beauty and art but presumed as Aesthecal stuff of all nts and cults of life. In short, aes thecs is a philosophical and arsc phenomenon, the grammar and logic of beauty. It is the science of law governed by aesthecal assimilaon of man, of the essence and the laws of development and socially transforming role of art. In this research paper, not only different aspects, elements, explana
ons, accounts and evoluon of the aesthecs have been discussed and ana lyzed but also kinds of beauty and art have been debated comprehensively.

Dr. Fayaz Latif