Rashed Bha as short story writer


Rashed Bha is well known writer of Sindhi language, having made great contribuon to and acquired experse in Sindhi short story wring, research and translaon. He played an acve role in Sindhi Adabi Sangat and in
the progressive movement. His wrings also greatly reflect the impact of Marxism. Bha was one of those who raised voice for language issues, during the one unit and marshall law. He addressed topics in his stories like fuddles, religious extremism and other Sindh related issues. He has been always re mained more sensive to the injusce done to the local peoples. Rasheed Bha is also an expert writer of comedy, comic and tragic field of literature. Bha has broader observaon and historical experse, especially his com mand over language and prevailing phrases and sentences is admirable. His wring reflects the resistances and realisc approach. His “bun” and “des sutaa dil waraa jagya” are his most famous stories. In this research paper the characters of his stories are carefully examined to establish the idea and quality of his wring.

Dr. Nawab Kaka