Manthar Fakir was a prominent Neo-Classical poet of Sindhi language. He was born in 1865 in the village Khaani Rajar, Taluka Khypro, District Sanghar, and died in the same village in 1935 A.D. He was a disciple of the most remarkable poet of Kaffi, Makhdoom Amin Pakhan Dhani, the 13th descendant of the Shrine of Makhdoom Nooh (R.A.) under whose patronage, he composed, poetry. Still, Sarwari Jamaet Fakirs sing his “Dahar” with great enthusiasm and sanctity. Manthar Fakir has displayed his artistic genius by experimenting on different techniques of Sindhi literature and language such as: Rhymed verse, alliterated verse, verse in praise of the prophet and other saints (Molud and Madeh), Elegy and Kaffi. He has written about 1400 Kaffis out of which 900 are printed. His collections: Risalo Murtazai, Risalo Rehnmai, Risalo Khudai are printed whereas one Risalo Sadae is not printed yet.

Makhmoor Bukhari