Aesthecs is a muldimensional term which is basically known as the philosophical study of Beauty and art in large. The word, “Aesthecs” was first me used by a German philosopher Alexander Baumgarten with refer ence to the percepon of beauty through the senses. In 18th century it got the profile of literary and arsc movement under the slogan art for art’s sake. In modern mes Aesthecs is not only supposed to be merely a study of beauty but is assumed as Aesthecal cram of all colors and cult of life, and philosophical and arsc analysis of the beauty of cosmos. In this paper, I have tried my best to discuss various aesthec aspects of the poetry of differ ent languages and in the end reached to this calculaon that though every society has its own culture, system and customs, it has many similaries in poetic thoughts.

Fayaz Lateef