Chanasser, claimant to the throne of Sindh approached Ala-ud-din Khilji – the most despoc and powerful ruler of India (1296 to 1316). He made complaints against his younger brother Dodo, then the ruler of Sindh. Ala-uddin prepared to conquer Sindh for Chanasser, as his subordinate. He arrived with a large force supported by a great fleet of eliphants. During the bloody war, Dodo was killed along with his major part of Sindhi forces and Sindh was harshly ravaged. A-er the war, Ala-ud-din asked Chanasser to hand over his sister Baaghi. But all the royal women folk were already sent to Abro – the ruler of Kutch as “Saam”(shelter). Allauddin Khilji in retaliaon turned to Kutch, killed the ruler of Kutch, burnt his palace to ashes. All its inhabitants, including Baaghi were burnt to death. The greatest poet of Sindh, Shah Abdul Laf Bhi3ai recorded this tragic historic event in his poetry under the Sur “Bilawal.” The author of this arcle is of the opinion that half of the Baet of Sur “Bil

Yousuf Shaheen