Conceptual and Theorecal Controversies about Shah Laf’s Poetry in Sindhi Society

There are a number of reasons to believe that Sindhi society treats Shah Latif as a great poet. Those reasons, however, vary with scholars of different schools of thought. Through this paper, an attempt has been made to throw light on those conceptual and theoretical controversies which have con fined the thought and philosophy of the great poet.
In this arcle I have tried to elaborate the fact that so far many poets and writers have tried to make us follow their theories. In order to make a true study of Shah Laf’s poetry we must put aside our theorecal prejudices. For over a long period of me, great injusce has been caused to Shah Laf whereby instead of highlighng his comprehensive universal thought he has been projected as a poet with a limited vision and ‘only’ a regional genius. Unless his thought is emancipated from this confinement, his universal status will not be understood. In this arcle I have tried to present a forceful analysis of the conceptual and theorecal controversies in Sindh about Shah Laf’s poetry.

Dr. Ahsan Danish