Shah Lf’s concept about exploitaon and social inequality


Shah Latif being a social reformer and thinker was very well aware of Sindhi society and had a keen observation on each aspect of the society. He, therefore, vehemently cursed the class differences and discrimination built on
social inequality and in feudalism. He gives awareness to the people of Sindh and encourages them to work hard (struggle) and strive to get their rights. Latif having witnessed the apathy about the social inequality, feudal practices, injustice and unfair behavior towards fellow human-being, comes forward to raise his voice for the freedom of people. Shah La”f invites people to struggle against the norm and break the social and class system. He calls people with emo”onal slogans to build a new society and aware the na”on to rise for a revolu”on in the society. He intro duces a struggle which favours the social progress and welfare of each member of the society. La”f aims to develop a new, happy and free na”on. La”f prays and wishes luck for such progress

Ruqaya Amir