The Role of Myscism/Tassawuff in structuring of the Society Chaos, inequality, intolerance, hate, foreign phobia, exploitation of the weak at the hands of the powerful and such other tendencies of the same ilk are on rise. As a result, humanity is fading and humans are becoming antihuman. Reason for this decay is that God creates humans with better habits and qualities, but humans are ignoring their inherent positive tendencies and emotions of love, tolerance, and self-esteem. Each human is in a race to prove themselves better in every sphere from all others. In the process forgetting that before Allah finest one is he whose morals are finest. Mysticism (Tassawuf) helps humans to unearth esoteric capabilities and realize the higher position of human in universe and facilitates humans to attain higher state of humanness, wherein he deems himself nothing and respects others. As such, a true and perfect Sufi loves all humanity and universe. Sufi is the special person who plays a pivotal role in the shaping of a society and he unites all humans with his character, speech, behavior. Today’s society is in acute need of spreading tendencies of mys+cism and persona of Sufi.

Dr. Makhmoor Bukhari