A Crical & Analycal Study of Dr. Shamsuddin Ursani’s Literary and Linguisc Works

Dr. Shamsuddin Ursani (born on February 2, 1937) is a famous re searcher, scholar and writer of Sindhi language and literature. He has more than 15 books to his credit, written on language, culture, literature, folk literature, lexicography, scientific and lingual terminology which include “Saqafat aen Insani Muaashrey Jee Osar” (The Evolution of Culture and Human Society), “Sindhi Adab Jee Irtiqaee Tareekh” (The Evolutionary History of Sindhi Litera ture), “Fann, Shakhsiyat Aen Andaz” (Art, Personality and Diction), “Sindhi Boli’a Jey Jahan Jee Khojna” (A Research of the World of Sindhi Language), “Sindhi Varjeesi Boli” (Sindhi: A Proverbial Language), “Sindhi Adab maen Tanqeed” (Criticism in Sindhi Language), “Sindhi Boli’a Jee Sikhya” (Teaching of Sindhi Language), “Ikhlaq aen Kirdaar” (Behaviour and Character), “Shakhs aen Aks” (Persons and Reflections), “Osar Pahaakati Lughat” (Osar Proverbial Dictionary), “Science Fasana” (Science Stories), “Lakho Phulani” (Lakho Phulani), “Azaadi’a maen Aseer” (A Prisoner in Freedom), “Nao’n Chhateeh Lakh no” (New Chhateeh Lakhno), and “Azaadi’a khaan poe Sindhi Afsanvi Adab Jee Osar” (The Evolution of Sindhi fiction Literature after Independence). The last one is Dr. Ursani’s Ph.D thesis. He also translated famous book “Cosmos” in Sindhi language, with the title “Aafaq”, written by Carl Sagan

Riyazat Buriro