Incident of the love story of Sassi Punnu took place around 900 years ago. Its delimitations are southern Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan. This story generally covers folk tales tradition of one third geographical area of Pakistan because of the very fact of its presence in every regional language of these areas. It is observed that this story partially differs with reference to places, people and occurrence of incidents. This article analyzes these differences to seek the nearest form of original story. It also provides insight to the story according to the different versions of the poets who narrated this story. Poets depict and record their poetic endeavor in all situations and events of their respective era and area. This article is not only an understanding but also a comparative and critical study of this folk tale, Sassi Punnu. This article also examines the mutual historical impact of “Sassi Punnu” on the development of the folk tales of the area.

Dr. _Mumtaz Khan & Jawed Chandio