Migration to Sindh: It’s effects on Political Economy & Demography of Sindh


This paper aims to trace a picture of Sindh aer the construcon of irrigaon sources especially the construcon of Sukkur and Guddu barrages which aracted Punjabi migrants. The major focus of this paper is the migraon of Urdu speaking populaon from India aer the paron of India, and to see how much indigenous Sindhi populaon was affected economically and demographically because of these refugees emigraon. This paper shows, whether Punjabi and Urdu speaking migrants contributed for the progress of Sindh or they kept themselves aloof from the maer of prosperity of Sindh? This paper will also deal this issue opposite in Balouch emigrants’ case that what were causes which restricted Urdu speaking emigrants to assimilate in Sindhi society?

Muhammad Qasim Sodhar, Bushra Qayyum Panhwar