Sur Daahir or Dahir: Historical, Geographical, Subjecve and Linguiscal Study


The Compilation and explanation of Shah Latif’s poetry “Shah jo Risalo” had started soon after the great legend of Sindh was laid to rest. Latif’s poetry “Shah jo Risalo” has been commonly divided or classified into thirty chapters / parts referred to as ‘Sur’. This nomenclature is based on: (a) the subject or story of that particular sur and (b) Raag / music. Some surs relate poetry with the name of that particular sur while other do not. There are lim ited Raags in classical music of Hindustan. Latif, therefore, felt the need and created his own Raags / surs by making minor changes to the original existing Raags, which came about to be called Desi Raags, for instance Sur Maaraee, Sur Saamoondi etc. and the name of each sur is in relation to its particular subject matter. The title of sur Daahir or Dahir is a controversial one. Initially, it was written as Daahir, which was later changed to Dahir, without any logic, basis or valid reasoning. The title of this ‘Sur’ neither has any relation to the subject or story nor any relation with the classical or Desi Raags. This paper is a research work which studies the title of this ‘Sur’ with relation to its histori cal, geographical, subjective and linguistical perspective and back ground..

Phullo K. Meghwar