Moulana Deen Mohammed Wafai, a renowned scholar and journalist, was born on the 14th of April 1884 in a literary family of District Shikarpur. He acquired religious education from well-known scholars of Sindh including Moulana Haji Mohammed Aslam, Moulana Mohammed Qasim Garhee Yaseeni, Moulana Khadim Hussain Jatoi, Moulana Ghulam Umer Jatoi, Mou lana Hasan Ali Patai and others. Moulana Wafai practically worked with Khil afat Movement and also worked as a journalist at Daily ‘Al Waheed.’ He had issued monthly, ‘Saheefia Qadriya’ from Ranipur in 1916 A.D and a literary magzine ‘Al Kashif’ from Larkana in 1918 A.D. He had started monthly magazine ‘Toheed’ from Karachi which continued even after his death in the year 1950. Logic and truth not only prevails but is apparent in the journalistic and literary writings of Moulana Wafai. He authored many autobiographies and books on history, culture, literature, and Seert-ul-nabi. He did notable work on Shah Latif’s life and poetry. His two books ‘Lutuf Latif’ and ‘study of Shah jo Risalo ’ were research oriented studies on Shah Latif’s poetic thoughts.

Asfan Khatoon Khushik