Sufi Siddque Faqir, popularly known as ‘ Sadiq Shah ’ was born in 1756 AD and departed from this world in the year 1848 AD. He possessed a mul$ dimensional personality. He was a great scholar, philosopher, poet, prac$$on er, Saheb-e -Karamat Sufi and Dervish, and a perfect spiritual guide (Murshid). The poetry of Sufi Siddique Faqir is a great treasure of Sindhi Language and Literature and occupies an important place in Sindhi Classical poetry. In his poetry; he has discussed important topics with unparalleled skill and has explained the complex issues in a very simple manner. He was a universal poet and his poetry contains not only the topics of Islam and mys$cism but also of love and affec$on, duty, pain and agony of separa$on, truth, struggle and sacrifice, love for one’s land and many such other topics. Sufi Siddique Faqir was highly impressed from the poetry of Shah Abdul La$f Bhitai which is re flec$ve is his works.

Akbar Ali Chandio