A brief study of varying short vowel on second last consonant due to which the last consonant ‘meem’ and ‘seen’ as Pronoun suffix remain vowel less


In Sindhi language there are so many endings of pronoun out of which ‘seen’ ( س( and ‘meem’ (( م are of higher significance. According to standard language meem (( م is used as (first person singular) and seen (س( is used as third person singular; in case of seen (س( I (( ﻣﺎن is used in a sentence. But it has been noted that both the suffixes are used as first person singular, which creates misperception from nature of language’s perspective. Such confounding is observed even in the work of world renowned scholar Dr. Murlidhar Jetley. Other than this, the context in which these word endings are used, the diacritical marks, instead of the last consonant are used on the second last consonant. In this case the last consonant will remain unstressed

Dr. Altaf Hussain Jokhio