Poetry of Sachal Sarmast in the views of Mirza Kalich Beg


Mirza Kalich Beg is a great muldimensional personality of Sindhi literature. Being a great poet, translator, cric and researcher, he contributed greatly to the Sindhi Literature. He was a humanist and spent his life in read ing and wring almost all forms of literature. He is known as Shams-ul-Ulma “The Sun of Scholars”. He was a poet of nature and wrote trease on a variety of themes. His Poetry is simplisc and natural and touches upon myscism. As a historian he traveled extensively, and spend major part of his life performing dues in different offices at the Khairpur state. During this period he came in contact with Talpurs, the then rulers of Khairpur state. Being a well – read man of le/ers, he also penned down “Khairpur ge tareekh,” which paints various historical and beauful aspects of Khairpur. Mirza visited Sachal Sarmast’s shrine and read his poetry greatly. Sachal saeen’s myscism is reflected in Mirza’s work. The major objecve of this paper is to trace his views on Sachal Saeen’s poec work.

Dr. Mehar Khadim