Code switching and mixing between Sindhi Language and English Language in Sindhi Morning Shows


The following research article deals with code switching and mixing between Sindhi and English languages in morning show with the title Salam Sindh broad casted on regional and local TV channel in the province of Sindh and on national level. The host and the guests are observed to code switch and mix during their conversation. This practice is motivated and accelerated as the result of many factors like historical, cultural, social, economic and psychological. As a result, an amalgamation of a mixed language emerges which is a common trait of these morning shows and is accepted as a habit. The theoretical framework of the study rests on post-colonial concept of mimicry by Bhaba (1994). The instances of code switching and mixing in between the conversation in Sindhi language have been analyzed by employing content analysis. The instances of code switching and mixing are recorded by watching a minimum of 10 morning shows of Salam Sindh, for the duration of 15 minutes each.

Zainab Akram