Analytical Study of Manuscript of Shah Jo Risalo


This manuscript of Shah Jo Risalo is in two volumes. In first volume there are thirteen (13) chapters (surs) and in its second volume there are twenty six (26) chapters (26) surece, in this way there are thirty nine chapters (39) sues collec%vely total number of Distance 231 verses/baits is 5225 and waa-ee is 373. This manuscript was wri,en and compiled by Dodo Faqeer Son of Aarab Faqeer Timrani resident of Bhitshah, and this work was done by on the personal interest and recommenda%on of Sayed Ghulam Shah son of Peer Sayed Ali Bux Shah (re.sajjadah Nasheen of Bhit Shah). The work of compila%on was started in 1942 and finished in November 1954. for this work help
was taken prim Ganj Shareef and also manuscript of Meyain Hussain. Before this paper, this manuscript was unknown and also remained in the property and possession of men%oned heritors of Shah Abdul La%f. In this paper both volumes are analyzed and some new facts and things are descended.

Dr. Allah Wasayo Soomro