Bheroomal Mehrchand Advani – A legend of Sindh Bheromal Mehrchand Advani was a linguisc, writer, poet, cric, scholar, historian and an expert of designing curriculum for school going children. He wrote more than fiy books in various diversified fields. In the early 20th century when Sindhi medium schools were established under the Brish reign, the designing of books or curriculum was seen as one of the major problems. It was primarily because within Sindh, prior to such schools only madarsah schools were imparng educaon in arabic & persian languages. Behromal made an important role in designing text books, and composed nursery rhymes etc. for children of various classes. He also translated rhymes from other languages to overcome the shortage in Sindhi language. He also authored a theory regarding the origin of Sindhi language. His research on history of Sindh is also a remarkable contribuon. He was a good translator and translated many ficon books (including dramas and novels) from english, hindi and bengali languages to fill the gap in Sindhi language. This paper is a detailed crical study of Behromal’s contribuons to the sindhi language and literature.

Prof. M. Saleem Memon