Dr. Moti Prakash is acknowledged as one of the most revered Sindhi author who had worked vigorously after Partition to enrich Sindhi language and literature as a poet, Lyricist, critic and dramatist.His famous song Aandhi main jyot jalain vara Sindhi echoes senti ments among sindhi community. He established two reputable organizations “Sindhu Kala Mandal” & “Sindhu Kala Niketan” to provide the platform for Sindhi plays. In the year 1957 a plan was prepared for sindhi programs at Radio. Dr. Moti prakash was honored with that responsibility. There was scarcity of Sindhi play writers at that time and old original Sindhi plays were very rare. Dr. Moti Prakash filled that space with his two renowned full length plays,Raat hika toofan ji & parde agyaan parde puthyan. He proved himself as the inspira0on for other writers and encouraged them to write new plays in the field of literature.

Dr. Sindhiya Chander