A View of Romanc Imagery in the Poetry of Sahir Rahoo


In Sindhi literature there are so many names, which have made changes and created different ways. Sahir Rahoo is one of them, who have served Sindhi literature by creating modern ways in their poetry. His six books have been published which have been highly appreciated by the readers. In modern Sindhi literature Sahir Rahoo has established/created his own diction and identification. In modern imagery poetry he has established different level. During study of his imagery poetry level of his Romantic Imagery Poetry found much more powerful. Romantic Imagery denote feeling of Images of Natural Scenery, Beauty, Meeting, Separation, Wait, Hope and Incident which after collecting in Imagination would be reproduced in the shape of pictures of words. Sahir Rahoo is also one of Modern Roman’c Imagery Poets. Excellent Roman’c Imagery is available at high level in his poetry. Sahir Rahoo is one who is leading poet of Roman’c Imagery in Poetry.

Lutufullah Sayal