The philosophy of Laf and his vision regarding the society of upper and lower class categorizaon as well tradions of family’s


According to this arcle Laf opinion about the avoidances of unequalty and feudalism of the Sindh society in his poetry. Laf introducon allegory in his poetry considering the lover class people. Mostly he characterizes the female’s characters. He expresses the importance, devoon, sacrifice, braveness frigh$ul and reverenal nature of the women and quote his poetry on their behalf. He selects the characters of those women which are vicmized by their environment and social unequiality. According to the Laf the women’s are the symbol of social awareness struggle and this opinion he gives the concept of “love and human equality”, for example: Sassui, Souhni, and Maarie. Some male characters inspite of belonging to high class support the women in the social bring the revoluon for the rights of women like, Pun houn, Samo Jam Tmachi, and Lakho Fullani etc.

Ruqaya Amir