Hami, Hadi, Hashmi, Beloved of Latif


Shah Laf in his poetry not only on talks about the oneness of Allah but also praises the dignity of his beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H.). Shah Laf praises all of his beloved’s qualies and calls upon him for help. Laf makes menon of his beloved in many of his chapters (Sur) and refers to him as the helper of the universe. Allah created this universe for Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) and showed him his throne and Allah nearly met with his beloved Prophet as well. Laf menon this scenario in many of his chapters (Sur). In those chapters (Sur) especially in Sur Soorath sur Momoomal Rano he menons about the journey of the Mairaaj. This arcle is about Laf’s beloved. Laf believes that his beloved’s dignity and respect is mercy and favor of Allah which is just like the explanation of Quran. Just like Quran speaks of dignity and glory of Allah so does Shah Jo Risalo which is an explanaon of the dignity and greatness of Laf’s Be loved. He created the enre universe and he Himself is the master of it. He made Laf’s beloved the supporter, helper, and leader for mankind

Ruqaya Amir