Anjum Halai was born on 15th August 1902 and departed this world from his nave place, Hala, on 1st November, 1975. He established Hala’s first primary School named “Muslim Anjum Primary School” and also served as the Vice President of Municipal Commi-ee Hala from 1953 to 1955. Post paron due to lack of Adabi Risalo, he starng publishing monthly “Firdous” in November, 1950 which connued ll 1956 on monthly basis and he served as its editor unl April 1953. He also rendered his services as editor in respect of Rahnima Risalo which was published from Nawabshah. He authored several books which include: Karwan e Zindagi, Piyari Nazneen, Haqeeqat e Zindagi, Shama e Islam on Seerat Pak and full Deewan e Ghazal under the tle ‘Deewan Anjum.’ His novel Karwan-e-Zindagi is regarded a landmark in modern Sindhi literature. Anjum Halai was a responsible poet, journalist and literary figure of his contemporary world. His works in the field of educaon and literature re flected the social problems of his mes which became for the reason for him
occupying a prominent place in the literary history of Hala

Dr. Makhmoor Bukhari