Many Indian Marahats were employed in the Educaon Department of Sindh during 19th century, for example Narrayan Vishwasnath Mandlek, Mahadev Shastri, Kirshna Shahstri, Khanandas, Jagannath Vadiya and some others. But Rao Bahadar Narayan Jagannath Vadiya (1825-1874) was prominent of all. He belonged to Mahshastra (India). His mother tongue was Marthi; however, he had passed examinaon in Sindhi language. He remained much closed to Brish officers of Sindh. On account of his knowledge and edu caon, he was appointed as a Deputy educaonal Officer in Sindh. In this way he was first non-European in India, who was trusted such a high rank post. He had command over Sindhi, Hindi, Sanskrit and Persian languages. First Sindhi medium School NJV High School established in 1854, which is known a8er his name. He was a member of Arabic Sindhi Alphabet expert commi:ee. However, he himself was keen supporter of Dewnagri Script for Sindhi. Accordingly, he played a very giant role, when Government of Sindh assigned him reform ing Hindu Sindhi Alphabet, prinng books and establishment of Banya Schools. He also wrote a book on the on the history and geography of Sindh “Sindh Jo Nirvar” (1853), which was remained in the course of Primary schools. He also
recfied many Sindhi text books for Sindhi language. But his contribuon to wards establishment of School was more than enough.

Mukhtiar Mallah