The Relationship Between Language and Ethnicity among Baloch people


The present study is a part of an ethnographic research that explored the nego a on between language and ethnicity by inves ga ng the role of language as a component and indicator of ethnic iden ty in a linguis cally diverse ethnic group, Baloch who speak at least four different languages i.e Balochi, Brahvi, Sindhi and Si raeki but make one single ethnic people. The study specifically inquired if language is the core value component of Baloch ethnicity. For this purpose one hundred and twenty four young educated Baloch from different universi es were purposively sampled for
unstructured interviews while observa on was also used as a necessary tool for eth nography. The collected responses were analysed within the theore cal framework of Smolicz Cultural Core Value Theory (1981). The analysis of the collected data showed that most of the par cipants were monolinguals with one of the four languages men oned above. Some were bilingual with Urdu, the lingua franca or with one or more languages of the group. The study reveals that whichever language the members of Baloch ethnic group speak, Balochi language holds an important place for them and it acts as a strong ethnic identy marker and a core value component of ethnicity for this linguis cally diverse ethnic group. Key Words: Language, Ethnicity, Baloch , Core Value.

Fauzia Rehman Khan, Dr. Najia Zaidi, Dr. Saima Rauf