Flood affected women not engaged into paid work are likely to develop severe emotional problems in contrast to those engaged in paid work


Following research article is an attempt to systematically examine and analyse the emotional issues developed among flood affected women particularly making comparison among those earning and those not earning and evaluate various social factors in aggregate multiply the complexities in the aftermath of the floods. The research is focussed over ten villages of district Sujawal those severely affected by 2010 floods. Retrospective cohort study approach adopted recalling past experiences respondent women went through. The theoretical framework of the study rests over the “theoretical indicators of social vulnerability”, which underlines health as one the major thematic indicator among seven indicators presented by Rufat et.al. (2015). Study has observed variables along with social and cultural aspects attributed as influential aspects. It has been concluded that although women with paid work are far more susceptible to emotional issues, however there are various external social factors including displacement, sexual and physical violence and health issues seriously bring psychological effects. Aid providers needs to familiarize themselves about psycho-social support along with other palpable support items.

Muhammad Asim Jaleel, Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Burfat