Imagery Imagery in poetry of Shaikh Ayazin poetry of Shaikh Ayaz


The word imagery is allied with mental pictures. The function of imagery in literature is to create a vivacious and graphic display of a scene that appeals to as many of the reader’s senses as possible. It aids the reader’s imagination to visualize the characters and scenes in the literary piece plainly. As a literary device, imagery consists of descriptive language that can function as a way for the reader to better imagine the world of the piece of literature and
also enhance symbolism to the work. Imagery draws on five senses, taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound. Imagery can also pertain to details about movement or a sense of a body in motion or the emotions or sensations of a person, such as fear, hunger etc. The imagery assistances a reader to realize the ‘imaginary world’ that the writer and a poet creates in his creations. Especially in poetry imagery possesses a great importance. Poetry without image and image without poetry is impossible and incomplete. Poetic image is a word picture charged with emotion or passion. The poetry of Shaikh Ayaz is full with imagery. In this paper I have discussed and analyzed different aspects of imagery available in Ayaz’s poetry and proved with examples from his poetry that Ayaz is an artist and imagist poet of modern Sindhi poetry

Dr. Fayaz Latif