Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo was as Legend of Sindh, his contribuon to Sindh, Sindhi Language & Literature is second to none, but his bigger and far more profitable contribuon to Sindhi Literature, in his nurturing Sheikh Ayazas Tweneth Century’s greatest poet of Sindhi Language. He is an author of more than Sixty Books in English & Sindhi Languages. He served for a decades as Secretary & Chairman, Sindhi Adabi Board. In the capacity of founder Secretary of Sindhi Adabi Board, his contribuon to Sindhi Literature is monumental with the support of Mr. G. M. Syed and Pir Hassamuddin Rashdi, he not only published innumerable books in the field of Literature and History of Sindh but made the Board one of the most important instuons of Internaonal repute and Standard in the arena of historical research, Language & Literature.

Dr. Azad Qazi