Noor-ul-huda Shah is a renowned writer of Sindhi & Urdu literature. She wrote short stories, dramas and poetry. She is a bold story writer and has taken the burning issues of Sindhi society. Her characters are real and very bold, who cri cize the different aspects of society in a way doing manner . Three anthologies of short stories, ‘Jalawatan’1980 ع , ﺟﻼوﻃﻦ ‘Karbala’ ﻼ ع 1981, ‘Ren aen Runj Jo Uthas’ 1988 ع ﺗﻬﺎس ڃ ﺟﻮ اُڻ ۽ ر ر and now collectedly in a book named: ‘Kedaro’ ارو having 43 short stories in it. Published in 2006. She has also wri4en dramas in Urdu and Sindhi language and a book of poetry is on her credit, with a tle: ‘Qaydiani Joon Akhyoon Aen Chand’ َ ء ﻗــﺪﺎ .ﺟــﻮن ا(ﻴــﻮن ۽ ﭼﻨــ# In this paper I have traced out importance of her literary work and carefully examined the topics language and the characters of her short stories to establish the idea and quality of her wri ng.

Dr. Parveen Moosa Memon