Prof. Dr. Gurbuxani’s Ph.D. thesis: Myscism in the early Nineteenth Century Poetry of England


The misconcepons about nature and method of Myscism have been clarified by evolving an accurate and overarching definion of Myscism via a comparave study of the early Ninteenth Century mysc English poets known as the great Romancs, from Blake to Shelley. The parallel poets are the mysc poets or the Orient, parcularly the Vedanc Hindu and Sufisc Persian. The analycal paradigm and guiding methodology is essenally that of ontological quantave research adopng the epistemological tool of comparave inquiry. Myscal experience is a universal phenomenon as it compris es the cardinal principle of all true religions, its basic conclusion epitomizes: God is the eternal verity of religious experience, an Immanent Being pervading all of His creaon, yet transcending them all. The human soul is quintessenally imperishable and ulmately realizes oneness with God.

Gul Muhammad Umrani, Dr. Sumera Umrani