Intertextual Influence of the Quran on the Poetry of Shah Abdul Laf Bhitai


Intertextuality is all about texts influencing the creation and interpretation of other texts. The close study of the poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, the renowned Sindhi poet, reveals that it is influenced by a number of religious and literary texts. Among the literary texts that have shaped the thought and content of Latif’s poetry are Risalo of Shah Abdul Karim of Bulri and Masnavi of Molana Jalaluddin Rumi and the religious text that has influenced his poetry more than any other is that of the Holy Quran. The philosophy of the Quran lends Shah jo Risalo, the collection of Latif’s poetry, a truly mystic light. His poetry, interspersed with a number of Quranic verses, touches the soul like a divine script.

Saeed Ahmed Soomro