Crical Analysis of Lexicographic Work on the poetry of Sachal Sarmast


Sachal Sarmast is a prominent poet of classical Sindhi Language. His poetry expounds a classical and cultural heritage of Sindh. And, without any surprise, it is verily replete with the symbols of God`s abundant affec!on with humanity, religious harmony and tolerance.
Several scholars and writers, over the !me, published many books covering various aspects of his poetry, but only a very few could work on the glossary of his poetry. Reason being, the nature of this field has remained prone to sensi!vi!es of language and literature. Thus, only those scholars can be en!tled to carry out such a research who must be pundits and gurus on the following languages of Indo-Iranian zone, namely: Arabic, Persian, Gujra!, Marathi and Hindi. Likewise, the scholars must be well conversant in Lexicography and Etymology

Dr. Aslam Sandeelo