Language planning, especially corpus planning in Sindhi language has remained untouched so far, for which plenty of language related issues never got simplified. Recently, a query related to proper diacrical mark on le er ’خ‘ of word ‘’ אب was made by Assistant Professor Zaraar Rustamani, who is working on the literature of Molvi Ahmed Mallah, regarding Sindhi Orthography. The diacrical mark of ’خ‘ in the word ‘’ אب varies in diconaries of Sindhi language, such as: ‘Pesh, Zabar and Jazam’. Actually, the funcon of ‘wao Ishmam/ maadoola’ is to connect the ’خ‘ le er used before it with the vowel le er used a/er it. It is observed through studies that a/er le er ’خ‘ every ’و‘ is not ishmam/ madoolah, as in: ‘’ ن or ‘’ ب Wao Ishmam/ Maadoola’ acts only when it is followed by le ers: א ,د , , ,س ,ش ,ن ) Nasal Vowel), ! and. ي Due to the presence of ‘wao ishmam/ madoolah’ in a word a diacrical mark may not be used for le er ‘خ’. ا

Dr. Altaf Jokhio