Captain George Stack (1819-1853) was truly devotee to Sindhi language. He was servant in East India Company and was transferred from India to Sindh in 1843. He learnt Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Gujra* languages in India. In 1843, he was posted as Deputy Collector and Deputy Magistrate of Hyderabad with the addional charge of Jagir khata (department). He worked for 5 years in Sindh and laid his life for working on Sindhi language. Even Richard Burton was appeared before him for the examinaon of Sindhi and Punjabi languages. Captain George Stack was first European scholar who preferred Dewnagri character for Sindhi language. He gave a clear opinion about the origin of Sindhi language that it was originated from Sanskrit. On the basis of his opinion, he recommended Khudawadi script for wri*ng system of Sindhi. He wrote following books in Sindhi

Mr. Mukhtiyar Malah