Rasheed Bha is a great name in the world of sindhi humors and sare. He has a great taste of humor and sare. He never uses superficial, coarse and substandard humor. His humors is so delicate, aracve and scholarly that we hardly see such qualies in other humorists. One of the speciales of his humor is that he directs his cricism on his self and the characters. His presentaon is in the forms of dialogues rather than narraon. He adds colors and charm through creang scene. He takes the commonplace incidents of daily life as a source of his humor. His dialogues are very sophiscated and light. The subject of his humor and sare are fabricated and symbolic. Although ، he uses plainaphorisc, explicit and direct sentences. Yet he sarizes real men through fabricated and symbolic characters. He uses symbolic characters in the finest way. He draws the aenon of his readers to the aim through references and symbols. The ordinary readers generally overlook the details. The subject of his humor is apparently vague which an ordinary readers feel it difficult and hard to understand the real move of his humor and sare.

Abdul Latif Ansari