Idea of Humanity and peaceful Co-existence in classical poetry of Sindhi


In Sindhi Classical poetry, concepts of Love for Human amelioraon and hate for religious and racial discriminaon have been widely used. Sachal Sarmast (1739-1827) to awaken the masses has especially spoken for welfare, moral values, patriosm, tolerance, eradicaon of religious discriminaon and peaceful coexistence keeping in view the polical situaon of his age. Other poets of that period such as Nanak Yousif, Faqeer Qadir Bukhsh Bedal, Daryah Khan Kandre waro, and Faqeer Khush Khair Mohammad Hisbani have also used same noons of human prosperity, peaceful coexistence and eradicaon of sectarianism in their poetry. All of them have emphasized about the high place of Human in the Universe in their poecal composions. With the help of poetry, they have exhorted their fellow beings for establishing a peaceful, just, tolerant and free from all ills society

Dr. Makhmoor Bukhari