Evolution of Persian language in Sindh and the Role of Sufis


Sindh and Balochistan acquire great importance in the history of the Indian sub-connent. Balochistan was the first region which embraced Islam, while at the same me maintained its cultural identy. Similarly, Sindh is the land that fought and paved way for Islam in sub – connent. In these regions, various Muslim dynases ruled for more than 1200 years. According to Bilazarri, a renowned historian, most of Mohammad Bin Qasim’s army comprised of soldiers from Shiraz (Iran) and spoke Persian language. Persian language, therefore, reached Sindh through Mohammad Bin Qasim’s military. A,er the conquest of Sindh, most of the soldiers stayed back in Sindh and promoted Persian language. At the same me, sufi saints have also played a significant role in the evoluon of Persian language and literature in the sub-connent. Most of the Sufis migrated from Iran and made Sindh their permanent abode. The shrines of these sufis are found in various parts of Sindh.

Dr. Ramzan Bamri