Scholars of Sindh before the creaon of Pakistan, especially Ulemas, were polically acve, revoluonists, and aracted the mind of others with their thoughts and ideas. A review of history reflects that Ulemas played a pivotal role in all the movements. They were united and far away from any sectarian differences. They realized that their only enemy was the execuve branch of the state (i.e. the Government). Most acve amongst these scholars were: Maulana Taj Muhammad Amro, Moulana Ubaidullah Sindhi, Rais Jan Muhammad Junejo, Moulana Deen Muhammad Wafai, Peer Rushadullah Shah, etc. It was due to the efforts of these men, that the Muslims of Sub-connent took acve part in Khilafat movement, Hijrat movement, Reshmi rumal movement. It was a result of these movements that muslims were able to secure a separate country.

Abdul Wasay Bhutto