Grammatical Characteristics of Sindhi Language and Bound Pronouns


It is without saying that Sindhi Language has earned a dominant as well as unique place amongst all the language being spoken all over the Indo-Pakistan Sub-continent (which includes Bangladesh, Nepal, Tibet, Burma and Srilanka). Not because of Sindhi, being an ancient language of the world, but its grammatical structure is so unique and typical that it has attracted a great number of linguists around the world, who have widely praised very grammatical characteristics of this language.

Thus an attempt has been made is this article to highlight these characteristics in length besides discussing extensively on the bound pronouns. Moreover, view of the linguists, who have done research on Sindhi language, have been quoted in this article and various elements of the language like vowels, consonants and vocabulary have been made a part of it so as to define its characteristics in full length.

Dr. Malendar Jetli