This research article has two main objectives, firstly it shows the economically importance of livestock, in Balochistan. It was the only medium of regional economy in past of nomadic life of our forefather. This was used as export and import from one place to another. The word “Bahgea” reflects the richest family or personality in the earliest society. Live stock was the unique way to promote market. Secondly the core objective of this article is to recall that portion of Brahui folk lore, where the animal, mammal were main subject of Brahui khalki poetry. This research article would be source of fundamental information about live stock especially about Goats. The “Shohan” or poets make classification between their Goats through preserving their colures in Brahui folk lore. This article has adopted descriptive and comparative approach.

Ghulam Haider, Shabbir Shahwani