This article describes the indigenous knowledge of folk medicine which is known as Mashi a daaro in Brahui folk literature. The folk remedies of Brahui have used as indigenous treatment.The exploitation of indigenous drug resources had increased the importance of the nomadic life of Brahui. The study of indigenous knowledge in Brahui folk lore shows the literary importance about folk medicine and other useful plants. custom knowledge is generally accepted on / conveyed from herbalist (Hakims) and “Poopoo” (Traditional herbalists). At present time transmission of such knowledge from herbalists to folks had been enormously decreased. As we learn from the history of traditional herbalist or poopoo do not tell the specific prescription to the local people. So far credit goes to Brahui folk singers especially Murad Parkoi he saved the history of several herbs in his melodious voice.It further concludes that research should be carried out in the field of phyto-chemistry, pharmacology and biotechnology of these resources in order to save Brahui indigenous remedies.

Dr. Liaqat Sani