Society is very important for livelihood of a man life. In which he encircles under the code and ethics of such society as such nation can be called as nation when they understand rules and regulations of their living style. But the history of nation build when it folk literature build up. How they lived their life? How they scheduled their livelihoods. How they made easiness in their lives? How their thinking expanded? Understanding all this question, the study of folk literature is crucial the basic nomadic life can be come in mind through the study of folk literature. Now days the folk literature defines the honesty of their simple people through it study. We can able to know it basics. the folk poetry us most valuable part of literature , which beautifully describes the individual sentiments, feelings , grief’s and sorrows , social ups and downs, of a common nomadic . we can call the brahui folk poetry is the real mirror image of nomadic life , simple we can say the folk poetry displays all angels of social life of nomadic and still it persists with it impotence

Hayder naz