This article aims to enlighten the various genres of Brahui folk music developed thousands of years ago. These are not just songs but their heartily emotions, Natural feelings, Eternal love and expression with the poetic words and immortal heart touching music. Music has been the most favorite tool of expression in Brahui nomadic life. Most of the folklores have been created, composed and sung by the women. Although Brahui folklores have many genres but this article deals with and describes some of the most important and famous genres like loli (lullaby), keluarha, zaheeri, lihako, Lailarhi, Bar Naz ana, Laili Mor, Suronzi and Moda (Dirge Elegy) etc. with art and techniques of the music. These famous folklore genres are discussed here with the needs of musical techniques and art. The melody of brahui folklores their tunes and other musical bases are described according to present discipline of music. And the genres of folk music are defined with their creation and natural feelings and emotions.