Tribalism is basically been focused in this research paper social and cultural fluctuations in the western and this problem have been researched and elaborated short stories raise those basic and real problems in the society which are creating disturbance for the people the basic principles of tribalism have been left behind that is our problems are increasing If treble system gets fail to provide justice and at the same time there are few social behavior that are keeping the tribes away from tribalism there are second weakness have been brought on the surface through short stories . Every short story points out our social and tribal weaknesses It also points out those problem which can’t be judged by common people .it has also pointed out all the tribal issues and at the sometime it has got or it contains a lot of suggestions for the tribal chiefs to provide justice and not to give up by the problems. It keeps the society united and breeds brotherhood if injustice is done to any one in our society then he is supported by all the people along with all tribal chiefs. His problems are solved unanimously. It is the reason why tribalism is the basic need for everyone.

Sallah Ud Din Smalani