This article introduces research work in Brahui linguistics, especially in phonetics and phonology. While speaking in to Brahui languages it has been noted that there are several areas and verity in Brahui language that speakers change the sound or vice or they used code switching in their language. This paper focused too highlights those causes which are caused to making code switching. It based on personal experience and dialectal study of Brahui language. It shares the findings that people change those sounds, voices or words which have been borrowed from other languages, like, Arabic, Persian, Urdu and etc. this paper discuses that it is good singe that in huge number sound changing have found in Brahui other then neighboring languages in Balochistan. It ends with this formula that Brahui language has a strong syntax and semantics variation that doesn’t accept new and other language words in a jiffy. Any word found code switched or sound changed it reflects it is not Brahui originate sound or word. it has been found that the ratio of code switching and sound changing is high in non-literate persons then the literates which can be illustrated in verbal language and in written language.

Shabbir Ahmed Shahwani