Electronic Media like Radio and Television is an effective tool of communication as for as the democratic or other modern societies are concerned. A Province like Balochistan where population is scattered and distances between human settlements are far away from each other, the pivotal role of distance electronic media cannot be ignored. now, with the emergence of satellite channels which are viewed in every nook and corner of the world, the overlapping of ideas, effects of one society to another and hegemony of stronger nations, their languages and civilizations can affect negatively to the weaker and smaller nations and there is need to counter and defuse the negative effects of these hegemonic designs, Balochistan has a multilingual and multi-cultural society; people speak different languages and have distinct cultural values, traditions, and taboos. As the language is a major source of interaction with each other, then it is necessary to develop and flourish each and every language which is spoken in Balochistan. The Baloch population may by at large, speak Balochi, Brahui and Sindhi languages. Dozens of newspapers, magazines and Electronic media like Radio, Television as well as social media played a vital role in promotion of Brahui Apart from these as well as other regional languages.

Abdul Qayyum Baidar