Glossary setting has always used to preserve any language; it increases the very language vocabulary or lexicon. Lexicology has vital in the preservation of language, a lingual history or a civilization. It is most important to produce literature, critics, or orthographical issues. Wisdom, intellect or brilliancy get meaning due to dictionary. Glossary sets standards, it reveal historical backgrounds. Although Brahui literature is oldest then its neighboring languages but its demand is as old as world. Brahui language has faces the dearth of especial glossary. Nations want to educate the society; they must work for the preservation of vocabulary and a dictionary. At the end of last century few works on glosser preservation has been made by English and national scholars of Brahui. This paper motivates its reader to understand the importance and deficiency of Glossary or dictionary writing in Brahui language and literature. Glossary setting is a science and study of this science is being essential in our language and literature.

Dr. Manzoor Baloch