Structuralist Criticism of Literature


Structuralism is a trend and method of evaluating different literary genres, in which special attention is given to the system of structural patterns and construction of language and specific meaning of words and terms, in a given piece of writing. Simultaneously the theories of Post structuralism and Deconstruction were also in vogue which emphasised the ambiguity of language. In this article, apart from giving the definition of structuralism, Construction, Deconstruction, their application on the poetry of various poets is also discussed. It is also argued that the importance and significance of “Word” has always been emphasized in the poetry of Sindhi classical poets like Shah Latif and Sachal Sarmast. Examples of such poems, along with those from Urdu language have been quoted to explain the implied meanings and their subsidiary interpretations of word in particular situation and contexts, which may sometimes appear just apposite in sense from the ordinary meanings given in the dictionary. An attempt has been made to use this method for evaluating some of the poetry of Sindhi language

Dr. Fahmida Hussain