Similarities in the Indus Script & other ancient scripts


The “Indus Civilization” is known as the mother of the civilizations, but we don’t have enough knowledge about the everyday life of the ancient people like people of “Mohen-joDaro”. After the excavation of the Mohen-jo-Daro, we have found some historical material like the pottery, clay toys, jewelry, structure of the buildings, streets and well organized town, drinking water system and the sewerage system, etc. Still today we don’t have reliable knowledge and any evidence, from which we can find the historical facts, about social life of ancient people of Sindh. Whereas the Indus Script [1] is concerned we have historical evidence available in the written form on the seals, but unfortunately it is un-deciphered yet. Dr Asko Prapola have made the corpus from the collection of Indus signs 1839 and mentioned it in his book (Deciphering of the Indus Script [2]). I have made digital format of this corpus, now it can easily be used with the computing devices. This is the 1st step of the programming [3] for the digital deciphering of the Indus Script. No any “Rosetta Stone” [4] was found from this site for the support, but there is the way which will open the doors of the decipherment that what are the similarities of in the Indus Script and other ancient scripts [5], as Sir John Marshall mentioned in his book [6]. After digitization, it is possible now to find the similarities and it will open the door of research work, with the computer programs, so that we may find the way of the decipherment, and “the civilization once again, talk with us about its historical traditional values from the text”.

Shabbir Kinyar